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A Love Letter to the Dreamers + Celebrating ONE.

Today is July 16, 2013 and I am celebrating.  One year ago today, I held my breath the moment I clicked submit; launching my website.  I had spent months and money, time and energy learning essentially a foreign language I was supposed to learn by myself…a website.  I had questions and didn’t have a clue how to verbalize or who to ask.  You see, I had started my business well before that but, obviously couldn’t move forward professionally without being online in this decade.  An online store front that showed what I sold, services that I offered, who I was and what I love.  It was a halt in doing something that I loved, because as anyone that runs a business knows; you better be just as good at the business side as you are at your trade.  As I worked endlessly to register my business, create a brand and logo with a help of a designer and put together a website I struggled with the daunting fear…what if I fail?  While failing is an option in any decision, I have learned over the past year that it won’t be one of mine.

This year has been busy and in this moment, I sit for the first time to write down my appreciation.  Some may think photographers sit around listening to indie music at posh coffee shops editing on their laptops with freshly manicured nails, click on some buttons and hit print for their clients.   I’m here to tell you they don’t (but if you know someone that does this, please tell them to call me…I want in the club).    Instead, after a wedding weekend or several full weekends of family sessions and engagements, I have a million to-do lists around our condo, work from early morning until my husband gets home from work at the end of the day and still donning the same yoga pants on hair in a bun.  Which by the way, I’ve never done yoga.  I’ve cried in the name of technology frustrations and wondered if I’m good enough to call myself a photographer.  Even with struggles, I am so happy I powered through the doubt and kept going when every bone in my non-manicured, editing fingers told me to stop.

With all the struggles, I know how AMAZING my job truly is.  This wonderfully amazing year would not have been possible without the cake toppings of wonderful moments getting to celebrate love, meeting new friends that look stunning in wedding gowns and tuxes, and growing something I am very honored to be paid to do.  I have big dreams and even bigger determination for the future of Annie Steele Photography and wouldn’t be here without the love of all the wonderful people in my life.  My husband, my family + friends, and all the people that let me take pretty little pictures of them.  Big changes are coming to the website in the near future!

If you are reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my photography loving heart.  So, I end my love letter to all the dreamers by saying go towards your dreams.  Dream big, dream bigger after that, work hard through the frustration and heart ache that WILL come,  and do what it takes to get where want to go.  You, too, will then be celebrating dream milestones like I’m celebrating ONE today.

A few days ago, we celebrated ONE by taking a helicopter ride over the Chicago skyline at sunset.  Tomorrow’s BLOG will have all the details…

Much love, Annie


In honor of celebrating the anniversary launch of our website; any couple who books their 2013 or 2014 Wedding with Annie Steele Photography in the month of JULY, will be receiving a very special gift.  If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me on my website (CONTACT ME) or email me at for all the pretty little details! 

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