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A Lovely Lincoln Park Engagement: Emily + Matt

It was at a party when they first saw and met one another for the first time.  She was the sweet and friendly girl, and he, the more quiet and reserved one.  The Halloween party lasted late into the night, but that chance meeting was just the begininng of Matt and Em.  Over the next several years, they dated, fell in love, and started planning the rest of their lives together.  

After dating for a few years, Emily knew something was different with Matt when they drove into downtown Chicago one night.  Matt had planned a special dinner at Carnivale for Emily and suggested they stay downtown and walk along the waterfront that showed off Chicago’s scenic skyline afterwards.  As they walked that night, her heart was pounding because she knew.  The lake…the water was special to their relationship because they often boat and have picnics by the water.  He dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together.  He had asked her dad months in advance for his permission and Emily said Yes.
Emily and Matt, Thank you so much for meeting up with me in Lincoln Park to capture this special time in your lives!  I am so excited for your wedding next year and even more excited for your future together.  Enjoy some of my favorites…
XO, Annie
For the first part of Emily and Matt’s E-session, family member Missy joined us…
Missy is so sweet and equally excited about our E-session…
Her RING is oh-so-gorgeous!!
Not sure which I love more…this picture or Emily’s fabulous lipstick!
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