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A Luminous Family Portrait Session in Puerto Rico

Have you ever watched House Hunters on HGTV? After you fall in love with that show, you find yourself addicted to House Hunters International. You see everyday people living in the suburbs– trading their salty snow boots in for sandals on the beach. They have tans and glow, they are always smiling, and they are definitely more cultured. Insert: Stephanie and Ismael. Though they weren’t on HGTV, their story is similar. A few months back, they decided to leave their jobs and move from downtown Chicago to San Juan, Puerto Rico where his parents live. For the past few months, Ismael has been working hard learning his father’s company and Stephanie has been busy raising their two beautiful girls. In a high rise. On the Caribbean Ocean. And they don’t own snow boots anymore.

A little over three years ago, I met Stephanie and Ismael. Within these years, I have photographed their gorgeous Michigan Golf Course Wedding, photographed their growing family a handful of times, visited them at the Hospital when both their girls were born, and became lifelong friends with this pair. When they decided to move, it was only natural to book a vacation to go and visit. We went to Puerto Rico last month and spent time with our friends and it couldn’t have been more perfect! We did touristy things, went to the local hangouts, took a day boat to the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world (on the Island of Culebra), spoke some Span-glish, drank some Spanish drinks, and laughed! Stephanie is one of the funniest people I know, and her laugh is enough to make anyone smile.

Before leaving, I made sure to take some pictures of their family. Lilliana and Savannah are two of the most sweetest girls and just as beautiful as their mama. I don’t know where their journey will lead them, but I know Peter and I won’t be far behind with our plane tickets and camera. Much love to 4 of my favorite people! XOXO

Enjoy some of my favorites…


Sweet Lilliana and Savannah…Before there were 4..there were 2 <3So Sweet!Sister kisses are the best!Lilliana is 2 years old and it’s so fun seeing her run into the surf and circles in the sand…More sister kisses…Sweet baby curls courtesy of 8 month old Savannah!I remember this exact same picture at North Avenue Beach (Downtown Chicago) when Lilliana was younger…Adorably sweet Mama’s girls…If this was my backyard when I was 2, I’d be pretty excited, too!Ismael is such a sweet Dad to his two little girls…After family pictures, Peter held Savannah and tried to hold Lilliana’s attention…with no avail.Steph– such a beauty you are! xoThis was our last night in Puerto Rico before coming home.  After their session, they made us the most delicious dinner and we had dinner outside with the waves crashing beside us.Have a wonderful rest of your day!  I’m going to go and watch House Hunters International now;)

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  • June 19, 2014 - 5:23 pm

    Life in Instagrams: Spring 2014 Edition » Annie Steele Photography - […] This past April we went to visit our dear friends in Puerto Rico.  The sunsets there are pretty A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  (The picture on the left is Stephanie in Chicago (Lake Michigan) preganant with Savannah, and on the right is Spehanie in Puerto Rico (Caribbean Ocean) with Savannah at 7 months old).  To see more of their family session, you can click here! […]ReplyCancel