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A Museum Campus Engagement: Emily + Adam

Even though it was just down the street, the gentleman Adam is, drove Emily home after their first date.  They had met through mutual friends, and after a night of laughter and both feeling like they had known each other for years; they knew it was the start of something very special.  Whether it was an ice cream date that turned into talking at a picnic table well after the lights went off, or our driving to the city late at night just to look at the beauty of it all lit up,  their love grew and grew over the years.

Last Winter, Adam took Emily took Emily to Morton Arboretum for Illumination.  It was chilly and snowing and Adam held Emily’s hand tight as they walked through the trees and all the twinkling lights.  In a moment that would change their lives forever, Adam dropped to one knee and asked Emily to marry him.  She of course said, Yes, and never has been more excited about a cold, snowy day in January!  Every year now, they will go back to celebrate under the twinkling lights.

I recently met Emily and Adam on the Museum Campus.  It was one of the windiest days, but these two took it all in stride.  Laughing, and holding on tight… I hope you enjoy some of my favorites of their Engagement Session! XO


These two are so sweet, and genuine.

I love Adam’s ability to make his Bride to be laugh at a moments notice

A favorite!

Oh, Emily!  You are simply beautiful!

oohhhh… love these!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

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