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A North Pond Engagement: Lauren + Justin

She had only been on the website for less than a month and was very skeptical to the finding someone online.  Lauren’s picture and profile had caught Justin’s attention on Match and he immediately sent her a message.  They emailed back and forth for a month before exchanging numbers and setting up their first date.  It was a Friday night when the two met at Firewood in Mchenry.  A connection was immediate for the pair as they talked about everything and anything, and four, short hours later; each knew this was the start of something special.

The love between these two blossomed and on a windy, drizzly day in May before leaving town for a long business trip; Justin knew he had to propose.  He had secretly planned to take a hot air balloon ride, but due to weather, it wasn’t possible.  Instead, he invited her over to his house for dinner. He made the very first meal he had ever cooked when they first started dating.  Mozzarella stuffed meatballs with vodka pasta sauce.  After dinner, Justin handed Lauren a beautiful letter describing their life’s adventure so far and how he looks forward to more.  Inside the letter also contained a little piece of paper with a clue on it.  That clue sent Lauren on a 12 location scavenger hunt around the house. Each one had a letter that was bigger and highlighted.  Much to Lauren’s confusion, putting them together didn’t spell anything though.  On the final clue, Lauren was putting the letters into a translator app on her IPAD.   With tears in her eyes reading it quietly, it said in Italian, “will you marry me?”

The gentleman Justin is, got down on one knee and proposed.  After celebrating and taking in the special moments, he suggested calling their parents to tell them the good news.  As Lauren looked for her phone, she saw both their parents walking in the front door! Dessert and champagne ensued as they celebrated, watched their beloved Blackhawks win the conference that sent them to the Stanley Cup playoffs,  and toasted to their future.  Oh… and a few weeks later, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

I can’t wait to photograph their beautiful wedding next June!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites of these two, and their best friend, Duke.  XO


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  • December 17, 2015 - 3:09 am

    Sue Erickson - Annie, you have a talent beyond measure, thank you for showing the love Lauren Elizabeth and Justin have for each other!!! You nailed it!!!!! Looking for to June with you also!!ReplyCancel