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A Snowy, Winter Engagement Session: Tia + Justin

When Tia and Justin first met through mutual friends, their personalities were so much alike; neither were sure if a relationship would ever bloom from such similarities.  A friendship did bloom, and after a first date at a restaurant ended in closing the restaurant down and continuing their conversation late into the night; they knew it was love.  One year later of so much love and memories, Justin proposed to Tia in front of her family on her birthday.

A birthday cake was brought out and what was written in icing, made Tia realize Justin was proposing.  A favorite movie quote of Tias, ” Here in town, here is she, making plans to woo and marry me” adorned the top of the cake.  After reading these sweet words, Tia turned to Justin, who was down on a knee asking her to be his wife.  With joy and happiness, Tia said “Yes!”

Tia and Justin are getting married later this summer and I couldn’t have been more excited when they wanted their engagement session to be completely opposite weather than it will be in August.  Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting these two lovebirds at Lincoln Park during a snowy, winter day.  I am honored to be photographing this upcoming wedding and the life these two have planned together! Enjoy some of my favorites! XO, Annie
I just adore this sparkly Engagement ring…
I loved the bright white with all of Tia’s pops of color!
The snow was coming down, but that didn’t stop these two from having a little fun!
I have so many favorites from this sweet session in Lincoln Park!
I’ll end with this stunner, because I think it’ such a beautiful picture of two beautiful people in love.
 Happy Wednesday, friends!


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