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A Morning Coffee Engagement Session in Wicker Park: Caitlin + Steven

When Steven planned the vacation, Caitlin was already looking forward to sun, sand, Mai Tais and spending some much needed R&R time at the pool.  When they landed and got to their hotel in south Florida, Caitlin wanted to get in her swimming suit, and head down to the pool.  Steven agreed, but was very eager to get to dinner later that night at 7pm SHARP.  He wanted to make sure they wouldn’t miss the sunset on their first night there.  That night, the two got ready, went to dinner and walked to the beach that was right in front of their hotel.  Hand in hand, Steven kept walking back and forth… back and forth.  After a few minutes, Caitlin sweetly suggested walking further out; but Steven had plans of his own.

All of a sudden, Steven threw their sandals down, got down on one knee, and Caitlin says, “asked me to marry him in the sweetest way possible.”  She happily accepted his proposal and a short while later, a bed of roses and candles spelled out on the sand “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  That night, they celebrated getting engaged twice and spent the rest of their trip relaxing in the Florida sun, sand, Mai Tais, and daydreaming of the wedding they would be planning.

When I met Caitlin and Steven at Wormhole Coffee (one of their favorite coffee shops in Chicago); I knew what a special couple they were.  I was honored when they asked me to photograph their Wedding this coming Fall, and even fell more in love with these two during their Engagement Session in the lovely Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park (where they also had their first date years ago).  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites… Xo, Annie

We met just outside this building, where they met each other for the first time a few years ago…

A beautiful pair… inside and out!

Besides having some of the best restaurants around time, I love Wicker Park for it’s colorful energy…

…and Wicker Park’s alleys rarely disappoint, either!

Caitlin… so, so BEAUTIFUL you are!







To end their session, it only made sense to grab coffee at their favorite Coffee Shop… The Wormhole.

The eclectic ambiance and delicious cup of lattes made for some even more amazing photo opportunities…

I just love this!

I’ll end it here, because this is what true love is, and I’m so excited for these two to make it official in just a few short months… <3

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!

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