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A Sunset Engagement Session at the Beach: Vel + Matt

The night they saw each other again and finally were introduced, was at bar close to work.  They had worked at the same grocery store for months in different departments, but never knew the others name.  That night at the bar, Matt finally talked “to the bank girl” he had told a good friend he wanted to ask out.  During their first conversation, Matt managed to accidentally knock over Vel’s drink and it spilled all over her shirt.

After that memorable night, Matt didn’t have the courage to ask Vel out.  Vel, on the other hand, sent him the sweetest message and after a few messages back and forth, a date was planned.  Ever since that first date, Matt and Veliyana have planned life…together.  They have supported each other through her undergraduate and graduate school, and his paramedic school, police and fire academy.

Once they had fallen in love with each other, they fell in love with vacations to the Caribbean.  That is exactly why they have decided to vow their lives together forever on the gorgeous island of Cozumel, Mexico next year.  This engagement session was such a pleasure to photograph, and to photograph their wedding in the sand next year, will be nothing short of a gorgeous celebration.  Thank you Vel and Matt for being so wonderful love and having such a beautiful love to document.

Enjoy some of my favorites…

I’m pretty sure these two were made for each other <3


The sun was a little bright, and the wind was a little strong along Lake Michigan….

…but that didn’t stop these two from having a wonderful time!

Two beautiful people…inside and out <3




I adore this sign!



Big waves for a big kind of love <3










Who wouldn’t want to meet them in Cozumel?



Happy Friday, Friends!  Be sure to leave some love for this wonderful couple!!  <3


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    Emily - What a beautiful couple!!! Great job, as always, Annie!!!ReplyCancel