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A Year Full of Love, Learning + Chicago: Kim + Vic

I absolutely LOVE love. The way it sounds, the way it is written and most importantly what it means.  I love documenting it and that is why I LOVE photographing weddings and couples.  Love comes in all sorts of ways and each love story I get the pleasure of documenting, tells exactly the kind it is.

A little over a year ago, I met Vic at the hospital I work at, downtown Chicago.  Vic and his wife were in Chicago for exactly one year while he finished his Interventional Radiology Fellowship (the last year of Doctor School:).  After a conversation one day at the hospital, I learned he and his wife were from the Vancouver, Canada area.  So, as anyone would guess, I name dropped the ONE PERSON I know from Canada and coincidentally, his wife knew my friend, Nicole.  A few weeks later, Peter and I went to dinner with Vic and Kim and talked all about what a small world it is.

Vic’s fellowship came to end a few weeks ago.  Before leaving and traveling back home to Canada, I was honored when Kim asked me to take pictures of them in their beloved, adopted city of Chicago.  While Vic completed his fellowship at hospital, Kim was busy exploring the city and taking classes at The Art Institute of Chicago.  A year of being Chicagoans, the two of them ate out several nights a week exploring some of the best restaurants and neighborhoods Chicago offers.  So, it came as no surprise, they knew locations they wanted to take pictures and suggested the restaurant we eat at afterwards for dinner.

Kim and Vic,  I’m going to miss you two, but so excited for you both, your new home, and your future!  The special LOVE you have for one another, is exactly the reason I LOVE what I do.  We will see you soon and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites…

Xo, Annie


STUNNING couple inside + out…






Kim took classes at The Art Institute Institute this past year so it only made sense to drop by for a few pictures in the garden…

A Favourite (in my best Canadian accent)!


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