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An Engagement Story Where it Began: Rachel + Sean

To me, nothing is more special that having the honor and pleasure of photographing two people in love.  For a brief time on a given afternoon , I get to hear the most contagious laughter, see the most genuine smiles, and know the story of how 2 people in a world of billions, met and fell in love.

Rachel and Sean’s story didn’t actually begin at DePaul Law School.  Yes, they attended the same three years of Law school during the exact same time.  They studied endlessly in the same libraries, read the same books, but it wasn’t until years later in a crosswalk where they met for the first time.  You see, their story began on LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago waiting to cross.  At the time, both were practicing plaintiff’s personal injury work and were in court several days a week at the Daley Center.  After court, they often times were in the same crosswalk heading back to work at two separate firms in the same building.  After months of crossing the street and sweet glances, Sean introduced himself.  Shortly after, they had their first coffee date and the rest is sweet, sweet history.

One year and three months later, Sean got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him in that exact same crosswalk on LaSalle Street.  She said Yes in 104 degree heat and calls the engagement such an amazing moment.  I couldn’t agree more and I’m so happy their love story continues to write history this February when they will say “I DO” in Jamaica.  Rachel + Sean, thank you so much for having me take some pretty amazing photographs of you.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness, joy, love, and always having eachother’s hand to hold through a crosswalk.  I hope you enjoy just some of my favorites…

XO, Annie

We met and started taking pictures where they first met…

One of the most STUNNING engagement rings I have ever seen.  Swoon.

Love the boots!





The famous Lasalle St. crosswalk. I love this…


We quickly learned how busy this bridge gets on a Saturday.  There were 2 Wedding parties taking pictures, but that didn’t stop Rachel + Sean from rocking out their moves…

If you needed one more reason to LOVE Chicago…







I can’t stop smiling when I look at these

This engagement ring deserves it’s own Blog post.


Rachel, you are going to make such a GORGEOUS bride.




I end with this picture because it makes my heart happy.  Laughing, in love, and incredibly happy.

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