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Look your Beauty Best on Your Wedding Day

Looking your best on one of the most important days of your life is a must!  Not only are you are investing in photography that you will have forever, you want to look the best version of yourself when you marry your best friend in front of family and close friends.  Many factors come into play when deciding on how you want to look on one of the most important days of your life, and how to prepare.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Nicole and Tim’s Golf Course Wedding.  When I arrived, Nicole glowed as she received the finishing touches on her Wedding Day Make-up.  I absolutely LOVED Nicole’s Wedding Day GLAM look and asked her amazingly talented make-up artist, Jaycie,  if she could lend her expert beauty advice for future Brides.  Below, Jaycie answers our questions on how to look the BEST on your Wedding Day!


(Jaycie working her magic on the beautiful Bride-to-be)

1. My Brides always ask me if the location where they are getting ready and getting their make-up done matters.  As a photographer, I begin photographing all the gorgeous details (invitations, jewelry, flowers, hanging dress, shoes, interactions in the room) about an hour prior to the Bride getting in her gown.  In order to capture all of these important details in the most beautiful, romantic way; natural light (light through large windows or outside) is vital to achieve this.  From a professional make-up perspective, can you give insight on how to choose a location to get ready/make-up applied in?
When getting ready the day of the wedding space and lighting are very important. Working in an open environment always makes the day feel more easy. When we (hair stylist and makeup artists) have the space to spread out and stay organized, we can really focus more on the applications and not the chaos of the day unfolding. Wedding days can get hectic very easily, but keeping a calm environment for the “getting ready” portion of the morning really sets the stage for the rest of the day. Lighting is KEY when doing makeup. Being able to set up in front of a window with natural light is ideal for apply makeup. This will help with color matching and having a clean even application.
2.  Before the Wedding Day, is it important to have a trial make-up session done?
 ABSOLUTELY! I actually require a trial run for all of my brides. Not only is it important for the bride to feel at ease and trust their makeup and hair artists. It is important to know how your vision is actually going to look once it is all together. We can all look a a picture of “Kim K” and say, ” thats what I want” but once that makeup is on you and you look in the mirror, you might feel different. No bride is going to have the time or patience to be figuring this out on the morning of her wedding. More importantly, we never  know how out skin is going to react to different makeup and primers. It is very important to know if your are going to be allergic to a new makeup line BEFORE the morning of your wedding.
3. Weeks and days leading up to the Wedding Day, how can a Bride best prepare her self and skin for her Wedding Day look?
I always suggest starting from the inside. Drink plenty of water and take your vitamins and try as hard as you can to get sleep.. If you are going to go for a facial, so something delicate. Get your brows waxed at least 4 days before the wedding to give time for any redness or swelling down.
 4.  What are the latest trends in Wedding Day make-up?
I haven’t really found any specific “trend” every bride really seems to bring their own individuality to their requested look.
 5.  What is the best advice you can give to Bride’s wanting to create a classic, timeless Wedding look on their Wedding Day?
I always tell a bride the most important thing for them to do on their wedding is nothing too outside of the box from their own personal style. If you’ve never worn a red lip in your life, you probably should not debut it on your wedding day. Stay true to yourself and your pictures will reflect that and you will never have a regret.
(Nicole’s beautiful Bridal Look on her Wedding Day)

Jaycie Ganek (Kurfess)– Makeup by Jaycie

Jaycie has freelanced as a makeup and hair artist for the past 7 years.   She finds her artistry comes to life when she gets to work with brides on their wedding day. She believes being a part of making a women feel her absolute best on one of the most important days of her life is incredibly uplifting. For the past few years, she has averaged 60 weddings a year and has worked with some of the most wonderful women.  Getting a chance to meet so many unique people keeps her job exciting.  Each client has their own vision of what they picture themselves looking like for their wedding and Jaycie is honored to be a part of making it happen.  
A BIG THANK YOU to the wonderful Jaycie for answering all of our Wedding Day bridal day questions!  If you have other questions, please leave them below and we will do our best to answer!
Happy Friday, friends!
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