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Chicago’s River East Engagement: Kathleen + Alex

Both lovers of the Movies, Kathleen and Alex often enjoy date nights doing just that.  It was not out of the ordinary when they drove downtown and went to the AMC Theatre to see the new movie “Hyde Park on Hudson.”   It was a cold, December night, and when the movie was over, Alex wanted to go for a walk under the Chicago lights.  Kathleen was cold, and told him she would rather get to the car.  As they walked hand in hand, Alex showed hestitation in getting to the car as quickly as Kathleen wanted to.  Looking back, she knew he wanted to stop and ask her one of the most important questions a girl could be asked.  But she didn’t realize that at the time.

As they reached the parking garage, they got into the car, turned up the heat and headed home.  Once they reached Kathleen’s home,  they both started walking up to the back steps and halfway up, Alex grabbed Kathleen’s hand.  She turned around, and found Alex on one knee.  “Kathleen, you’re the smartest, most beautiful girl I know, and I…”  With tears in her eyes, she jumped into his arms and couldn’t believe Alex was asking her to marry him.  With happy tears, she said… “of course I’ll marry you.”

It turns out, Alex had tried several times that day to ask Kathleen to marry him.  It wasn’t until the end of night, when the timing was perfect, did it happen.  Between the backyard gate, and the door leading into her home, is where Alex asked.  It was perfect spot, and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their Wedding and these two in that very exact spot in a few short weeks.  Kathleen and Alex, thank you for allowing me to capture this amazing time in your lives.  I can’t wait for your Wedding, and enjoy these next few weeks leading up to becoming Mr. and Mrs! Xo, Annie

Enjoy some of my favorites!

This is the spot where Alex was going to propose.  But life had other plans…

LOVED Kathleen’s style and fun, loving personality!

Such love!


As we were walking, we walked right into a Shoe Shiner… literally.  Who doesn’t love a good shoe shine?




I had such a great time with these two!

Who doesn’t love a little attitude?

LOVE Kathleen’s sparkler!

Such love and joy these two have!

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