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Christmas on The Farm

Almost every morning, you can find her at the foot of the bed under several layers of covers. Always the last one out of bed, she makes it known she is not very happy to start a new day.   After several grunts and a few dirty looks later, she finally concedes and jumps out of bed willing to go outside for her morning walk.

This morning was different.  This year we spent Christmas Eve. at my parents house.  We had family over in the afternoon, went to the candlelit church service in the church I grew up in, opened gifts afterwards and decided to spend the night since we live a distant 90 miles away.  When we woke up this morning, Ellie was already awake.  Instead of having to go down thirty something floors, she simply goes out the back door, onto the porch and enters a world of endless running possiblities, squirrel watching and pretends to be a sheep dog keeping eye over the farm.  My mom feeds her home cooked meals and she sits with my dad after dinner on their favorite chair and naps.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas today, a joyful holiday season, and a very happy and healthy New Year in 2013!





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