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Ellie the Unicorn

Oh man… this is awkward.  This Halloween, I set out to find Ellie a costume to finally match her personality.  In  past years, she has been Princess Leia, Mrs. Clause, and a hot dog.  All terrible…I know.  Admittedly, I’ve always bought what I thought was the most laugh out loud funny, not considering her feelings clearly.  This year, I was going to be better.  Much better.

Ellie has been part of our family for a little over 7 years and is just the most loyal, loving pooch a girl could ask for.  That said, we imagine if she could talk… she would tell you how it is and not sugar coat a word of it.  She makes you work for her love, and if you’re having a pity party for yourself, she gives you the look to get over yourself.  By no means is she a girly girl and hates down feather vests in the Fall or paw mits in the rain; but once she loves you, she’ll love you forever.  She will stay by your side when you are sick, and whenever you come home, she will look as if you just made her day… perhaps life.

So, when I went to find the best costume this year, the one standing medium costume on the pet department end cap was a fluffy Unicorn.  This couldn’t be farther from who she is as a dog, and I told her I promise next year to be better.  Something more that fits her personality like a gym teacher with a whistle, or a law enforcement official of sorts, or a modern day cowgirl.  Until then, enjoy Ellie the Unicorn.

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Happy Howlween, friends!


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