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Fulton River District Engagement: Giuliana and Brian

As many best friends do, Giuliana and her best friend talked in code years ago when they would go out on dates.  When a date was going good, they would text one another “good shoes.”  If the date was not going well, the message “bad shoes” would be sent and in an effort to get out of the date with the help of the other.  A few short years ago, Brian asked Giuliana out and the two went on their very first date.  Within the first 10 minutes, she messaged her best friend “bad shoes,” but her best friend insisted on giving him a chance.  Later that night, she began to see how truly perfect he was for her and the messages eversince then has been “good shoes.”

After four years of dating, Brian surprised Giuliana after a long day of work with reservations at one of their favorite restaurants, which also happened to be where their first date was.  After dinner at Maya del Sol, Giuliana noticed their server bringing out a cake when they hadn’t ordered dessert.  She immediately noticed what was written in icing on the cake… “So is it good shoes or bad shoes still?”  Right then and there, Brian got down on one knee and proposed to his love.  She of course said Yes (code: good shoes) and they celebrated that night with friends and family at her sister’s restaurant.

Recently, I met these two in Fulton River district for a extremely fun engagement session!   I can’t wait for their upcoming Summer Wedding and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites!

First, Giuliana’s beautiful sparkler…

It is easy to see how in love with each other these two are…

And how stunning Giuliana is.


So, they are beautiful people inside and out, and they have fabulous style.

Triple threats, really.  ;)

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