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Happy Birthday, Ellie!

I got in the elevator yesterday morning with Ellie for her morning walk.  A few floors down, the elevator stopped to pick up another passenger.  A younger man dressed in a suit and tie, entered and politely said “morning.”  I returned the greeting and softly told Ellie to “sit.”  Her big brown eyes looked up at me and immediately sat.  The man smiled and complimented her on what a well behaved dog she was.  He asked, how old my puppy was and I paused in panic for many seconds.  My face immediately had a hot flash and I thought I had forgotten her birthday.  YES, Internet, I’m big on birth days and it’s something to never forget if you know me.  It took me many seconds to realize it was March 14th and her birthday wasn’t until tomorrow (whew)!!   I said, “She’ll be 6 years old tomorrow” and smiled.  He seemed very surprised to hear she wasn’t a puppy and bent down to pat her head.

Today, marks our sweet Ellie’s 6th trip around the sun.  My mom often uses this expression and it always makes me smile when I think of the concept.  For an entire year we are traveling constantly, and it’s nothing short of a blessing to circle it again and again.  6 years ago, Ellie was whelped somewhere in southern Illinois and we always joke, her thoughts probably have a southern drawl.  As an absolute dog lover, I believe the moment an animal is welcomed into a family,  you realize things that others may not know.  For example, we don’t need as much stuff as we think we need.  Or, to stop and just give thanks.  Or, perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned from her, it’s the simple things in life that matter and will always matter.

Today, I give thanks for her and the sweet soul she is and always has been.  Even if she could understand how much joy she brings to Peter and I’s life, she would give the credit elsewhere…in a southern drawl.


Happy Birthday, Ellie!

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