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Life in Instagrams

Happy 2013!  It seems like yesterday I was buying an unhealthy amount of heavily, discounted Halloween candy and now I need to put my Christmas tree back in the closet.  The season came and went, and now I’ve had my fill of cold weather and snow.

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!!  Welcome to one of the most exciting times of your life! We have had many couple inquiries for 2013 and already the 2014 wedding season and couldn’t be more excited!  Lots of exciting changes are coming to Annie Steele Photography this year and if you’re in the market for a wedding photographer–I’m your girl!

This leads to another installment of Life in Instagrams…

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OH CHRISTMAS WREATH! This is a picture taken from the inside of our condo looking outside onto our balcony and (in my Chicago loving opinion) one of the best views!  When we moved to Chicago in the summer of 2010, our awesome Realtor found this steal of a deal.  We only saw this one place, signed on the line, and moved two weeks later.  It’s a small one bedroom and sadly we are outgrowing it more and more since my business has gotten busier.  I wish we could stay forever, but this will most likely be our last Christmas here on the 37th.

CHRISTMAS MORN’ ON THE FARM– Ellie’s (our lovable cocker spaniel and official mascot of Annie Steele Photography) most favorite people in the world are my mom and dad.  We woke up Christmas morning this year at my parents farm and she was like a little kid on Christmas.  She ran outside and roamed the yard looking for squirrels and birds.  Without prevail, she came inside and had breakfast (because my mom always saves some extra for her grand-dogter).

NEW YEARS BOW TIES AND BUBBLY This year we rang in the New Year with friends at our place.  We played games, made dinner and toasted the old year out, and the new year in!  My handsome hubby and his bow tie make me smile.

A MOTTO TO LIVE BY– If you can wake up every morning, loving what you do, help and inspire others around you to be better than they were yesterday, then you know you’re doing something right in business and in life.  Amen.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and Happy New Year!

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