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A Sweet Family of 3 at The Art Museum: Sara + Christian + Jade

A few months ago, I received a sweet email from Sara.  Sara was a college roommate of a good friend of mine and was inquiring if I take baby pictures.  I suggested a family portrait session and a handful of emails later, Sara, her husband Christian and sweet baby Jade met me downtown on Michigan Avenue just in front of the Art Museum.  The weather had just started to cool down for the year and I had a wonderful time getting to know this family and their sweetly adorable daughter, Jade.

Jade had just turned 6 months old and her proud parents wanted pictures to remember this wonderful time in their lives.  Jade never cried once as the fall weather and wind blew through the downtown city streets.  Instead, she was happy, content and intrigued by all the business of the awesome city she gets to grow up in.  Thank you Sara, Christian and Jade for allowing me the absolute pleasure of photographing your wonderful family.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites and I wish you a blessed 1st holiday season with sweet, baby Jade.

I’m in love with the gardens outside of The Art Museum…








Beautiful, beautiful Jade









These 2 could be my MOST favorites!


And before there were 3, there were 2…

Happy Wednesday!

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