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The Annual Christmas Picture 2015 Edition

I was that kid that loved getting the mail after school, helped my mom send out Christmas cards yearly, and insisted holding our rather heavy dog in family pictures.  Since childhood, a good ol’ fashioned letterpress card sent in the mail and family pictures just makes me smile.

Two weeks ago, I blogged 5 Tips to take a Family Picture for the holidays.  Not professional tips, but tips for you to get out and take a picture!  I hope you took my advice, but if you didn’t; maybe you can get some inspiration below from our attempts.

The day was cloudy, drizzly and a little cold.  It was really the only afternoon all 4 of us had available to set out and take a family picture (Ellie’s social calendar fills up quick).  We live nearby an old alley that exudes the sights, sounds, and smells of Chicago.

2015-12-18_007THIS is what everyone is thinking…

PETER:  This is going to take forever.  Ugh, it’s Sunday and I’m missing football for this.  I know Annie is going to want to take tons of pictures.  This is going to take forever.  If the Bears keep losing, it just means better draft picks.  

ANNIE:  It’s our first family picture together.  Oh, Harper you are the sweetest.  I think this lipstick is a little too red.  If I take it off now, it will just look like I drank Kool-aid.  

HARPER:  There is that dog again.  

ELLIE: Give me the hotdog you have in your left upper coat pocket, and I promise I will turn around and smile for the picture.   

Oh!  My personal favorite… the out of focus one!


We happen to live by the cutest little pop up Christmas tree farm stand.  In this picture, just to the left of Peter, one of the burly workers is about to start up the chainsaw.  It will inevitably scare and upset the girls, concluding our session.

Also to mention, Peter and I are still a little weathered tan looking from our Destination Weddings in November (Florida, Mexico and back to Florida all in a matter of 14 days).  While our girls are a few shades lighter.


A special thank you to our good friends, Nicole and Ron, for Harper’s beautiful winter coat and rose gold Mally Mocs that they design and sell.  XO



Oh my heart…



And here she is folks… the annual Steele Christmas card, 2015.


 Peace, Love, and Joy this Christmas to you and your family.  Love, The Steele’s

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