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The Justifications of Helicopters + Learning to Salsa Dance

Many of you who follow my blog, know my husband.  What you don’t know about him is that he is a Groupon junkie.  If you’re not familiar with Groupon, it is a company that sends out daily email with “deals” from places in your city that are offering specials on products or services.  Sure, some are as common as ‘Navy Pier Ferris Wheel rides 50% off on weekdays’, but then you get the ones that don’t appeal to the masses like  ‘Romantic Dinner by the lake eating Octopus and drinking milkshakes’.

A few weeks ago, Peter came home from work and excitedly informed me of his purchase of a Helicopter ride for two.  He scheduled it for last Thursday afternoon and I immediately searched for motion sickness medication in our bathroom closet.  Me, being the most financial conservationist in the relationship, tried to justify this purchase.  It’s not our birthday, anniversary or we have not overcome any goals recently; so we celebrate one year of Annie Steele Photography helicopter style.

I should also note, he recently purchased salsa dancing lessons.  Justification?  We desperately need to improve our dancing game.

Chicago melts my heart <3

If you look REALLY, REALLY hard; you can see our balcony in the picture left…

1,200 Feet in the air and praying the anti-motion sickness pill kicks in…

 Happy Wednesday, friends!  XO



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