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Twenty Thirteen and Beyond…

I sat there and stared at my pale blue yearly planner opened in front of me.  Over the past few months, ink galore, notes and future celebrated anniversary dates for my clients turned friends have been added to the pages.  I can’t help but to feel grateful for each and every wedding date that has been added to my calender for 2013 and now, 2014.  Coffee and meeting up at local coffee shops have kept me busy over the past few weekends, and I am so excited to begin ASP wedding season in a few short weeks.  With all weddings I offer, an engagement season is included and those make me equally excited to get to know my clients even better.

Luckily for me as a midwest wedding photographer; there are busy times and then not so busy months.  One very quiet month in particular is February and just happens to be my wedding anniversary and my birthday month.  This year, Peter and I were fortunate to visit beautiful Costa Rica in central America for our 7th Anniversary.  Wait, seven years I have been married is crazy and can’t believe how fast time has flown by.  I still remember walking down a sandy aisle in the Dominican Republic, hand written vows and the smiling faces that watched as we vowed our lives together.  It was by far the best day of my life, and since then has been the best time of my life.  On our anniversary this year, we walked the west coast of Costa Rica hand and hand, and toasted to the future no matter what it brings.

Last week, I turned 30 and had a wonderful night out on the town (my kind of town, Chicago) celebrating!  Turns out, Peter has major party planning skills and I happen to have some of the most wonderful best friends in the whole world. As I gear up for a busy year, I will be revealing some changes and exciting news along the way for Annie Steele Photography.  If you or know of someone getting married, I’d love to meet up and hear all about your wedding day!  We still have wedding availability this year and are officially booking 2014 weddings.  Oh, and if you are wondering…YES we do (and love to) travel;)

Happy Monday, friends!!


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