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What 10 years looks like.

Somewhere between the city limits of our college town during my second semester, and dates where you would pick me up outside Lincoln Hall and always open the passenger door for me of your 1998 blue Saturn with a spoiler; I fell in love with you.  Your dimples and soft, blue eyes won me over at first, but it was your kind heart that made me realize my life had just got made.  You were good, and I felt it in my soul the moment I met you.

Ten short years ago today, it was made official when we said, “I do” along the shoreline in the Dominican Republic.  I remember how happy you were, but I was the luckiest girl in the world.  Life has thrown some pretty fast curve balls our way, but you and life has been more good to me than I can have ever imagined and definetly deserve.  I think back how boldly I loved you back then, and some how it doesn’t even compare to the love I have for you today.

Somewhere between putting a white gold wedding band on your finger then and today walking the shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean this morning with you holding our daughter; I’m trying to think when I fell more in love with you…

… when we bought our first home in the suburbs (whoa, 2005), and you worked so hard on the projects we set out to do

… giving into my idea that you’re not a family until you have a dog.  (Ellie was adopted into our family, 2007)

…my first job out of college for the first 3 years of marriage was working overnights so I could finish another degree during the day. You always brought me a late dinner up to work and kissed me goodnight before you went home

… doing it backwards by living in the suburbs, and moving to the city 5 years ago when I needed change.  It could have been the uncertainty in your eyes, but reassuring me every mile down I-90 that it was the right choice

…told me to believe in my dreams even when I didn’t

…when you tell me how much you love me and sweet love notes you leave me to find around the house

… agreeing to leave high rise living for a 3 bedroom condo in Old Town when I told you I wanted to have a baby.  I know how hard this was for you to say goodbye to your beloved doorman, cab light buttons, and sport star neighbors

… all the memories made on so many beaches in the Caribbean

…running through an airport to make our connecting flight to say goodbye to your dad who was in the hospital one last time

…holding me up as I could barely stand just before our daughter was born

…you holding Harper for the first time.  She was so pink, and you were so in love

…When I watched your eyes and you held my hand tight when the Neurologist said you had a stoke

Ten Years looks just like this.  We have been blessed to have seen the skies of the high, and the floor of the lows.  Following suit, the next 100 will go even to more extremes, but it’s worth it with you.  I am not the best wife, nor is our love perfect.  But, I’d rather spend the rest our days loving  imperfectly; than a perfect love with anyone else.  Happy 10, my greatest love.  You make life so much better and I thank God for you everyday.  Especially on this golden day.  <3



February 10, 2006

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